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Under the current fierce market competition, “5A” intelligence has become an inevitable choice for more and more high-end office projects. “5A” intelligent system represents the most advanced level of office building intelligence, mainly composed of the following parts: OA (office intelligence), BA (building automation), CA (communication transmission intelligent), FA (fire intelligence (), SA (security and security).
Through the implementation of the “5A” intelligent system in the office building, the companies that settled in can integrate various high-tech products and buildings to realize the monitoring and control of water, electricity, air conditioning and other equipment and fire and security. At the same time, through the high-speed communication access of data, the enterprises in the building can truly complete the rapid communication and information transmission with the world, realize the office automation of the enterprise, greatly improve the office efficiency of the enterprise and achieve the connection with the world.
The above 5A feature is realized by wiring integration. The integrated wiring system is like a highway in a smart building. As long as there is a "highway", an "integrated wiring system", what kind of "car" to run, and what system to think about, it becomes very simple. The cabling system is a standard cabling system for voice, data, imaging and other information technologies.

Integrated wiring solution
The construction of a complete intelligent building mainly includes two contents according to the combination of software and hardware: technical solution design; application information system resource construction. The technical solution design mainly includes two aspects: structured wiring and equipment selection, and network technology selection.
According to the specific requirements of the building characteristics, the integrated wiring system supports computer network system and voice system. It consists of five parts: work area, horizontal subsystem, management area, trunk subsystem and equipment. It fully considers the high reliability and high. Rate transfer characteristics, scalability, and the possibility of connecting to other building buildings into a building complex subsystem.
The network backbone network uses optical cable as the transmission medium, and the network bandwidth reaches 10Gbps, which can transmit data and images at high speed, which can greatly improve the quality and reliability of information transmission.
The wiring hardware of all horizontal systems is six types of products, namely six types of products, namely six types of information modules, six types of distribution boards, six types of jumpers, six types of unshielded twisted pair cables. To support 1000Mbps network transmission bandwidth, this not only meets the current needs, but also lays the foundation for more commercial applications.
The voice system is managed by the main room. Each line is configured with 4 pairs of twisted pair cables, which can meet the requirements of integrated service digital network and ADSL, thus laying a foundation for high-speed data transmission.


High-end office solution