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The government's informatization construction is an important part of the national economy and social informatization construction. With the acceleration of technological progress, especially the emergence and rapid development of the Internet, it is a general trend to promote the automation, networking and electronicization of government affairs in government departments. China's government informationization is roughly divided into three stages: government office automation (OA) project, “golden” project and nationwide e-government construction. The office automation project of various government departments is the basis for the smooth implementation of the latter two stages. Therefore, accelerating the process of office automation in government departments will be the top priority for the government's work in the informationization stage.
Based on the office characteristics of government departments, we have proposed a complete set of government office network construction solutions. The efficient, stable and secure network platform built according to this scheme will carry two functions: on the one hand, the application of various advanced office software through this platform will realize resource sharing, thereby truly improving the efficiency of government work and improving the office of government departments. On the other hand, through the network platform, the government affairs will be open to the public, and the government departments will be truly fair, fair and open, and the government work will be linked to the needs of the people.

Integrated wiring solution
Government information construction consists of a number of relatively independent and unified functional entities, including the construction of basic network platforms, comprehensive network security deployment, and data center construction. The network system configuration includes three parts: optical cable private network, internal network and external network:
Private network (mainly fiber-optic): It is mainly used for fiber-optic cabling system, which is used to access certain special-purpose and required service private networks, such as emergency command network or related specialized services.
Government internal network: The shielded wiring system is used to carry the paperless transmission network, and the internal information transmission can be obtained. It requires confidentiality, reliability and scalability, and is shielded and physically isolated.
Government external network: using unshielded cabling system, using logical isolation for non-confidential e-government and common internet

Product choice
The greater the dependence of government information technology on the network, the higher the requirements for the confidentiality and security of the network. That is to say, a running network system must have the least electromagnetic radiation and the strongest anti-electromagnetic interference capability. Standard requirements for EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility. In order to protect the network from any interference from the outside world and prevent interception of information in the middle, shielded wiring systems consisting of shielded cables and shielded components will be the best choice. Compared with unshielded systems, shielding systems have great advantages in interference and eavesdropping, anti-interference and so on.
The shielded wiring system is provided with a metal shielding layer on the outside of the ordinary unshielded wiring system. The function of preventing electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic radiation is realized by the reflection, absorption and skin effect of the metal shielding layer. The shielding system comprehensively utilizes the twisted pair. The balanced transmission principle and shielding of the shielding layer have excellent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) characteristics. Its function reduces electromagnetic radiation, that is, reduces the radiation energy of the cable itself, ensures the safety of the system, and improves the ability of the signal transmission cable to resist external electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference. Applicable to occasions with large electromagnetic interference, such as airports, subways, power plants, etc., as well as institutions that require information confidentiality, such as public security laws, military and other state secrets, high-tech research and development institutions.
Aibosen communication six types of shielded cabling system, which can meet the high bandwidth requirements of the future network, and also meet the electromagnetic shielding requirements of buildings, thus further ensuring the security of the network.

Government office solution