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The unparalleled 29th Olympic Games and Paralympic Games ended in Beijing, igniting the enthusiasm of the Chinese people for sports spirit and sports. Various sports and mass sports activities flourished, and more and more sports The venue began construction. The intelligent system of the stadium has a distinctive sports professionalism. Integrated wiring is the basic platform of the intelligent electronic information integration system, which provides sufficient conditions and superiority for the efficient operation of the 10th National Games, the collection and processing of competition results, and press release. The environment ensures the smooth and successful holding of the Games, and will provide a multi-faceted information platform for future management and business operations; create conditions for better social and economic benefits.
Now there will be a huge leap in the construction of sports venues across the country. This leap is not only a leap in the number of venues, but more importantly, a leap in the design level of the venues. The application of new technologies and new products in the stadiums is endless, the intelligent technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, the competition timing and scoring equipment and means are changing with each passing day, the competition requirements are improved, and the appropriate design schemes are used to provide data and images for the stadiums. The high-speed transmission channels of various multimedia information such as audio and video, in order to meet the ever-increasing amount of information and data of the stadiums and the requirements of various competitions, are issues of common concern to many insiders. The construction of integrated wiring system is often one step ahead of the construction of computer network. It serves as a transmission platform for computer network and competition timing scoring system. Therefore, before designing integrated wiring, the nature, function, event and future of the venue must be The application has a good understanding, according to different applications, as well as the prediction of the computer network application bandwidth, the advanced technology used in the competition timing scoring, the competition rules and the sudden demand of the competition, to select the category and topology of the integrated wiring for the future. The smooth organization of various sports competitions, computer networking, venue management, and office automation can provide more convenience and give full play to the role of integrated wiring.

Integrated wiring system design
Today, computer technology is very popular. Computer equipment has been widely used in various aspects such as stadium internal management and sports facilities. It is a very important part of the intelligentization of stadiums. The rationalized wiring system that has been widely adopted in various venues of modern sports centers is a standard that is considered from the overall perspective with the continuous development of modern communication requirements and the increasing requirements for wiring systems. Wiring system. The system is characterized by openness, flexibility, scalability, practicability, security, reliability and economy. It supports the transmission of business information such as data and images, and has high-speed and high-bandwidth transmission capabilities to meet the needs of sports venues. The need for information transmission, especially the transmission of high-speed data.
The use of a full six-category cabling system and innovative fiber-to-desktop fiber-optic cabling system provides an integrated solution for modern venues. The system can fully adapt to the development of modern and future technologies, ensuring 15-20 years of backwardness and building blocks. The standard connectors make system expansion and upgrade extremely easy.
Sports venues usually have the characteristics that the floors are not high, but the floor space is very large. According to different venues and different functions, appropriate information points are arranged. The fixed information points, the wireless network points, and the fiber-to-desktop point interaction coverage are used as spares. The number of information points must be set to meet the needs of various events, but also to meet the needs of future use, so in the design process of integrated wiring, the location selection and placement of the weak electricity is very important, otherwise it is very There may be a large number of information points that exceed the length limit of 90 meters. It is necessary to set the CP point as much as possible in the location where the venue information points are concentrated, and the cable travel route should be as straight as possible.

Basic type
Applicable to audience reception area, ticket office, information desk, temporary medical office, lost and found office, communication service point, financial service area, office area, media reception area, venue operation area, electromechanical equipment room, media stand, etc. A six-category wiring system is used, and each work area is set by one information point and one voice point/10m2.

Applicable to athletes, VIP areas, competition management areas, competition areas, etc., using six types of wiring systems. Each work area is set by 2 to 3 information points and 2 to 3 voice points / 10 m2 information points.

Applicable to the key areas such as the press conference, the chairman's station area, the competition venue, the news center, the press release room, the reporter's work area, the multi-purpose hall, the conference room, and the competition room, and the hybrid network of the optical cable and the six-type wiring system is adopted. On the basis of the basic and enhanced integrated wiring system, a fiber-optic cable system is added, a fiber-optic port is reserved, and a multi-core fiber is connected to the local core switch, and wireless AP sites are set in these key areas for full coverage.

The stadium integrated wiring system is based on the principle of openness, and can support both centralized networks and distributed network systems. The established system should be capable of supporting the transmission of voice (analog), digital, data, and multimedia information. Unified line specifications and international standard interfaces. Each information port can be plugged into different types of terminal devices, such as computers, printers, network terminals, fax machines, telephones, and the like. Establish a high-bandwidth “information superhighway” in the venue to realize the sharing of information resources to meet the needs of the development of modern sports.

Stadium solution