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"Light into the copper back"
With the continuous and rapid development of the Internet, new online businesses are emerging, especially in the recent years, the popular online games, conference TV, video on demand and other services, so that people's demand for network access bandwidth continues to increase; according to relevant data analysis, the future 3 The average user bandwidth requirement will exceed 10M per year, and the traditional access method will not meet the bandwidth requirements.
Compared with other wired and wireless access technologies, fiber access has unparalleled advantages in terms of bandwidth capacity and coverage distance. With the emergence and rapid maturity of low-cost EPON/GPON technology, and the rapid decline in the cost of fiber optic cable, many The ideal for high-end cell access network fiberization can be achieved.
The advantage of fiber-to-the-home FTTx is that the access bandwidth is the largest, the access bandwidth of FTTx reaches two-way 10Mbps or 100Mbps, and it can be easily upgraded smoothly, and it is easy to reach 1000Mbps. Therefore, it can fully meet the needs of users for a variety of services, in addition to meeting the general computer Internet access, but also meet the needs of streaming media such as distance learning, video telephony, interactive audio and video, video on demand VOD, online cinema and digital TV. Second, the access reliability is the highest, the cable loss is low, the frequency bandwidth is long, and the transmission distance is long. In addition, the optical cable is not subject to electromagnetic interference, and the signal transmission capacity is ensured. Third, the cost of optical cables has gradually declined, while the cost of copper cables has gradually increased. Therefore, FTTx has the advantages of saving optical cable resources, sharing bandwidth resources, saving investment in computer room, high equipment security, fast network construction, and low cost of integrated network construction.
On the one hand, there is a huge potential demand for bandwidth for new services that are emerging, and on the other hand, it is technically expected to ensure fiber access at a price acceptable to users, and the synergy between “market demand” and “technical advancement”. Under the influence, it can be predicted that FTTx is about to enter a new era of large-scale commercial use.

FTTX construction plan
The FTTx technology is mainly used to access the network fiber, ranging from the central office equipment in the regional equipment room to the user terminal equipment. The central office equipment is an optical line terminal (OLT), and the customer equipment is an optical network unit (ONU) or an optical network terminal. ONT). According to the distance from fiber to user, it can be divided into fiber-to-the-box (FTTN), fiber-to-the-building (FTTB) and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) services. Different resident users have different demand characteristics, and need to determine a targeted application according to the application scenario.



FTTH solution
New high-end residential/office building: FTTH/FTTO


FTTB+LAN solution


Can effectively reduce the cost of fiber access, easy maintenance, complete business functions
It is best to reach a scale of more than 1,000 households in order to achieve the effect of controlling costs.

FTTN+DSL solves network transformation in old towns and rural areas


The urban old town ONU is placed in a corridor or weak electric well, and an outdoor cabinet can also be installed.
In rural areas, outdoor cabinets are generally used to solve the installation of ONUs.

High-end community solution