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Abbott Communications is committed to providing its customers with the best data communications products.
The Abbott Albertson data communications product system delivers outstanding performance to its customers. Its characteristics are mainly reflected in its compatibility, openness, flexibility, reliability, advancement and economy.

The primary feature of Alberson's data communications products is its compatibility. Through a unified interface, its products are completely independent and relatively independent of the application system, and can be applied to a variety of application systems.
Traditionally, when wiring a voice or data line in a building or a building group, cables, wiring sockets, and connectors produced by different manufacturers are often used. These different devices use different wiring materials, and the plugs, sockets, and terminals that connect these different wires are also different and incompatible with each other. Once you need to change the location of your terminal or phone, you must lay new cables and install new ones and connectors.
Abbson's data communication products have unified planning and design of the signal lines of voice, data and monitoring equipment, using the same transmission media, information sockets, cross-connect equipment, adapters, etc., to integrate these different signals into a standard wiring system. in. It can be seen that this kind of wiring is much more simplified than the traditional wiring, which can save a lot of materials, time and space.
In use, the user does not need to define the specific application of the information socket of a certain work area, only a certain terminal device (such as a personal computer, a telephone, a video device, etc.) is inserted into the information socket, and then between the management room and the device. The corresponding wiring operation is performed on the handover equipment, and the terminal equipment is connected to the respective system.

For the traditional wiring method, as long as the user selects a certain device, the corresponding wiring mode and transmission medium are selected. If you replace another device, the original wiring system will be replaced. For a building that has already been completed, this change is very difficult and requires a lot of investment.
Due to its open architecture and compliance with a variety of international standards, Abbson's data communications products are open to almost all well-known vendors, such as computer equipment, switch equipment, etc.; and support for all communication protocols. Such as ISO/IEC8802-3, ISO/IEC8802-5, etc.

The traditional wiring method is closed, and its architecture is fixed. It is quite difficult, even impossible, to migrate equipment or add equipment.
Alberson's data communications products are modular in design using standard transmission cables and associated connectivity hardware. Therefore all channels are universal. Each channel supports terminals, Ethernet workstations, and Token Ring workstations. There is no need to change the wiring for all equipment installations and changes. Simply add or remove the corresponding application equipment and perform the necessary jumper management on the distribution frame. In addition, the networking can also be flexible and diverse, even in the same room can have multiple user terminals, Ethernet workstations, Token Ring network workstations coexist, providing the necessary conditions for users to organize information flow.

The traditional wiring method is often incompatible with each other, so there are often multiple wiring schemes in a building. Therefore, the reliability of the building system should be ensured by the reliability of the selected wiring. When the application systems are not properly wired, cross interference will also occur.
Abbott's data communication products use a high-quality material and a combination of crimping to form a high standard of information transmission channels. All trunking and related connectors are ISO certified, and each channel uses a dedicated instrument to test the link impedance and attenuation rate to ensure electrical performance. The application system wiring adopts point-to-point termination. Any link failure does not affect the operation of other links. This provides convenience for the operation and maintenance of the link and troubleshooting, thus ensuring reliable operation of the application system. Each application system often uses the same transmission medium, so it can be used alternately, which improves standby redundancy.

Alberson's data communication products use fiber-optic and twisted-pair hybrid cabling to form a complete set of wiring.
All cabling uses the world's latest communication standards, and the links are all configured with eight-core twisted pair. Category 5 twisted pair bandwidths up to 100MHz, Category 6 twisted pair bandwidths up to 200MHz. For the needs of special users, the fiber can be brought to the desktop (Fiber To The Desk). The voice trunk part is made of steel cable, and the data part is made of fiber optic cable, which provides sufficient bandwidth capacity for transmitting multiple real-time multimedia information at the same time.

Alberson's data communication products have economic advantages over traditional wiring, providing sufficient convenience for future expansion. Aibosen data communication products can be adapted to long-term needs, avoiding product waste and delays due to renovations.