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The Ibsen IoT product line mainly consists of two parts: the management platform and the connector.
Through the Internet of Things management platform, the interconnection between weak electronic systems can be fully realized, such as air conditioning control system, video surveillance, perimeter alarm, high voltage power grid, access control, emergency alarm, patrol, intercom, public broadcasting and other systems. Effectively solve the problem of information silos by establishing an efficient management platform. Achieve true interactive interconnection. Improve the convenience and effectiveness of integrated management.

The Alberson IoT family of products makes it easy to retrofit old lines and systems. Such as intelligent lighting systems. Through this transformation, the energy utilization efficiency of the entire building can be effectively improved, and the intelligent building goal of green, high efficiency and energy saving can be fully realized.
On the other hand, through the integration of security systems, the Appleson IoT intelligent management platform can greatly reduce the labor costs and management costs.