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Aibosen's intelligent security system takes the platform as the core and the network as the link to create an integrated high-performance, high-security intelligent security system through various high-tech means.
The surveillance images, codec devices, and servers collected by a large number of cameras in the traditional security system have become quite large as the system grows. Faced with the management problems of large-scale monitoring systems, labor costs have increased dramatically, so the need to build a unified management platform is very urgent. A good management platform can manage all the cameras, alarm points, codecs, and back-end servers, so that the entire intelligent security system and security protection system can run smoothly. The Apache Security Security System manages the entire monitoring system with a platform-centric core that connects to these devices and servers with sufficient bandwidth from Apache's data and communications products. Through the unification of the platform, it provides more stable performance and guarantees a complete response of 7*24 hours.
Network monitoring, beyond the traditional realization of cross-platform and a number of different devices to achieve interoperability.
Due to the historical status of traditional security systems (mainly small-scale applications), there are many manufacturers of security monitoring equipment, and each manufacturer has its own set of codec and network transmission practices. Therefore, when transforming a traditional security system or having compatibility requirements, a large monitoring system platform is required to be able to access devices of multiple vendors. One protects the user's original investment; the two users reduce the investment in the new system construction to provide solutions. The large-scale monitoring system under construction has made a lot of efforts in this respect. The AIBSSEN intelligent security series products can smoothly access the equipment of domestic mainstream manufacturers, and basically realize the transparency of the equipment on the user side.

System digital integration, networking and intelligence
Security surveillance systems cover a wide range of areas, including: integrated wiring, video surveillance, perimeter alarms, high-voltage power grids, access control, emergency alarms, patrols, intercom, public broadcasting, interview recordings, regulatory information, and more. Traditional security systems have always operated independently of each subsystem, and information is not shared, and there is no correlation between them, forming an information island. In the event of an emergency, the systems cannot be associated with each other in time, and the surveillance image and other security resources cannot be shared, resulting in the management not being able to respond intuitively. It is impossible to quickly and efficiently play the role of early warning and prevention; it is difficult to check and find records afterwards. The correlation between information is a waste of manpower and material resources, resulting in low management efficiency. The combination of the AI ​​Baisen intelligent security system and the IoT system solves the problem of information silos, truly realizes the meaning of intelligence and connects the building to the future.