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Albertson Company (USA) 2008 was established in Delaware, USA. As a comprehensive company, Albertson Company (USA) invests in global economic hotspots. The investment direction mainly covers three major sectors: communication technology, mining and finance. At present, the main investment targets of the Albertson Company (USA) are South Africa, Chile, China and other countries and regions.

The outstanding performance of Albertson Company (USA) in communications and communication products and services has always been the support of many users around the world. As part of the Albertson Company (USA) think tank, the Albertson Engineering Center is one of the world's most professional communications engineering technology centers, providing the world's leading technology developments to the Albertson Company (USA) to ensure the superior quality of Albertson communications products.

In 2010, the Albertson Company (USA) established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Shenzhen, the most promising city in the southern part of China: Aberdeen Communications Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

As a high-tech industry closely related to mining, Albertson Company (USA) chose its own cabling products with great resources and technical advantages as a stepping stone to enter China; with the addition of a group of outstanding technology and sales talents, Albertson Communication Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has established offices in key development cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Kunming, Xi'an and Changsha. The highest quality raw materials and the most advanced technology have created the world-class quality of the company's integrated wiring products; the joining of global professionals has created the world-class service efficiency of the company.

With the advantage of cost performance over the shoulder of the industry pyramid, the company's integrated wiring products have been quickly recognized by many domestic users, used in several national key projects, and praised by end users. Aibosen provides Chinese users with the world's top professional services and product experience that exceeds user expectations.

With the help of the Albertson Engineering Center, Albertson's technology update in the field of integrated wiring attracts the attention of many manufacturers and professionals around the world, and even follows and pursues. As an international brand, Apache's integrated wiring products truly achieve global sourcing, global production, and global delivery. In recognition of the superior performance of Albusson's cabling products in China and other parts of the world, Huawei, the world's largest network service provider, has designated Alberson's cabling products as the preferred brand for Huawei's global project cooperation.

Sense and Simplicity As the core culture of Appleson, Apache employees are committed to transforming ideas into leading products and services to help customers solve the most core problems. We constantly challenge our innovative ability to promote business development while solving The arduous challenges faced by people and communities involved in our business benefit the community.

At Albertson, the vision of a lofty ideal is not enough. The imagination must be bound by the principles of ethics, compliance and integrity. Albertson's high standards do not limit creativity. Instead, it attracts a diverse group of employees, each of whom is working hard every day to build a better company.

As our business continues to expand, we continue to respond to challenges, using our financial, technical and intellectual resources to invest in a sustainable way to repay the society and fulfill Aibosen's social responsibility. In order to build a better home, Albertson has been working hard!