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Green transportation
The rapid development of China's transportation industry is inseparable from the rapid advancement of information technology. Traffic informatization has evolved from simple network interconnection to multi-service convergence such as voice, data and video. The construction of the traffic administration information system aims to comprehensively improve the management level and service level of traffic administration, promote the further disclosure of transportation administration, promote the rapid development of transportation modernization, realize the internal office modernization, information resource, transmission network and scientific decision-making. In order to truly realize the comprehensive modernization of transportation. The traffic government information system is based on the “three networks and one library”. It mainly includes the internal office service network (internet) of the traffic departments at all levels, and the office service resource network (special network) between the traffic departments at all levels, relying on the Internet. Traffic public information network (external network), the transportation departments at all levels jointly build a shared electronic information resource database (a library) to achieve a "soft and hard" combination.

Traffic communication system wiring solution
The transportation system is a very special working environment and has many special functional requirements for communication equipment. Its communication system is a large and diverse system, and each subsystem is related to each other and relatively independent. A perfect traffic communication system should be a compact system with coordinated functions, complete functions and high reliability.
The subway communication system is an information transmission tool set up to meet the normal operation and management of the subway. It mainly consists of a transmission subsystem, a dedicated communication subsystem, a business telephone subsystem, a closed circuit television subsystem, a power subsystem, a wireless dispatch, a clock system, and a broadcast. Subsystem and other components.
Transmission subsystem: transmission subsystem is TV monitoring, dedicated communication, official telephone, wireless train, clock, broadcast, network management and other subsystems as well as fire alarm system, power and environmental monitoring system, automatic ticket checking system, power monitoring system and The train automatic monitoring system provides a transmission channel.
Official telephone subsystem: The official telephone subsystem is the internal automatic telephone system of the subway. In addition to completing the automatic call inside the subway, it can also call local, domestic and international long-distance calls through the switch to the local trunk.
Dedicated communication subsystem: The dedicated subsystem is mainly a communication tool for ensuring traffic command, power supply, environmental monitoring and routine maintenance.
CCTV subsystem: In order to ensure passenger safety and driving safety monitoring equipment, image monitors are set in the station driving duty room and the control center general dispatching room respectively. The wiring of the above systems adopts the system products of Alberson's integrated wiring, MDF, DDF, ODF.

Green new power of traffic information
With the rapid development of China's economy, the fires caused by electricity have increased year by year in recent years, and the poison gas generated by the burning of cables has caused great trouble. As people's understanding of cable flame retardant and fire accidents deepens, the relevant departments have higher and higher requirements for cable fireproofing and flame retardant. They not only require high reliability of cables, but must also consider it to the surrounding. Environmental security. In the design process, flame-retardant cables and fire-resistant cables have been taken as important measures for cable fire prevention, and the selection of flame-retardant cables, low-smoke and low-toxic flame-retardant cables has been clearly defined.
As a backbone enterprise of domestic communication equipment, Aibosen has participated in the revision of a number of communication industry standards and new standards for the integrated wiring industry. We always pay close attention to the fire protection requirements in the field of integrated wiring, and provide a full range of fire protection (CMX/CM/CMG/CMR/CMP or OFN/OFNG/OFNR) for customers with different needs with strong R&D, design and production capacity. /OFNP) Integrated wiring solution. Aibosen integrated wiring products are widely used and praised in various industries.


Public transportation solution