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Accelerate information construction and improve hotel profitability

In the 30 years of reform and opening up, China's economic development has been released to the public. The 2008 Olympic Games has also marked a sign of China's economy, and the hotel industry is bound to become China's fastest growing industry in recent years. At the same time, some other major world events have also come: Shanghai World Expo 2010, Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010, etc. These activities have brought a large number of participants and numerous overseas audiences, and through these activities, China has been promoted to the world. It has enhanced the national brand and attracted people from all over the world to visit China. They have brought a lot of money to the Chinese hotel industry and the entire tourism industry! This wave of money will last for years!
With the development of hotel intelligence and information, the hotel will change its previous business philosophy and competition model. Quality competition and price competition such as hotel decoration, number of rooms and room facilities will be second to none. The digital informationization of Chinese hotels is mainly reflected in three aspects: hotel managers and policy makers provide information technology that timely and accurately grasps all aspects of hotel operations; for the operation of hotels, to save operating costs, improve operational quality and management efficiency Information management and control technology; directly facing the information services provided by customers. E-commerce, intelligent management and personalized services.

1) Meet the requirements of hotel guests for informational entertainment and information business
In the current information age, the requirements of the hotel are not only a comfortable and comfortable living environment, but also a thoughtful human service. They also need interactive entertainment and comprehensive information services, and guests often hold business activities in the hotel, such as Meetings, business meetings, and business networking require the hotel to provide convenient office and communication conditions for business activities.

2) Using information technology to improve hotel work efficiency and reduce operating and management costs
Practice has proved that informatization is a multiplier of production efficiency. Under the background of increasing competition in the hotel industry in China, it is the best choice to use information technology to improve the production efficiency and management efficiency of the hotel itself. Inefficient manual operations, manual business processes, and management methods inevitably employ more employees and increase costs. On the contrary, the use of excellent information technology can effectively reduce such costs and improve the competitiveness of hotels.

3) Use information technology to attract more guests to the hotel
Through the hotel information construction, the hotel information can be more widely transmitted to the customers, and the hotel sales team can more easily obtain more large customer information, so as to attract more guests for the hotel. You can use the extensive coverage and extensive use of the network to establish an online room reservation system to facilitate your reservations and increase the number of customers for the hotel. At the same time, we can establish a brand, a wide range of website links, online advertising to carry out extensive brand promotion, establish a brand image, and stabilize and increase the overall income of the hotel. The perfect hotel information construction can strive for a higher star rating for the hotel, thus increasing the overall operating income of the hotel.

4) Using information technology to improve the service level of the hotel
Through the hotel information construction, relying on its advantages of centralized management (such as smart room terminal phone, PDA order, one-click service, etc.), it can speed up the response time of customer request service, provide service quality and customer satisfaction with hotel service. degree. Through the hotel's information construction, through the use of powerful digital security technology (electronic access control, digital surveillance, mass storage, etc.), it can provide strong security for hotels and customers, and increase customer security.

5) Using information technology to innovate services and provide personalized services
Some high-end hotels in China and internationally give full play to their advantages in information technology, and establish a system such as frequent visitor management system and guest consumption habit analysis system to provide personalized services for guests, such as birthday gifts for guests during their stay. Congratulations, understanding your eating habits and entertainment habits, and recommending appropriate projects in a timely manner, both increasing guest satisfaction and increasing hotel income.

6) Using information technology to provide value-added services to customers and generate revenue for hotels
In addition to meeting the basic informational entertainment and informational business needs of hotel guests, the hotel can also provide value-added services that exceed customer expectations and generate revenue directly for the hotel.

Integrated wiring system construction
The integrated wiring system is the basis of the entire informationization of the hotel. It is equivalent to the information highway inside the hotel, which realizes the internal high-speed information exchange and information transmission, and links the various information islands within the hotel into one. At the same time connecting to the internet, the hotel network becomes part of the global network, so that the hotel is no longer an island, but is connected to the whole world. Therefore, the important role of the integrated wiring system is to change the hotel from an isolated state to a state of connectivity to the world. The basic network platform for high-star hotels is usually divided into two parts: guest room network and office network. The guest room network is used to provide services for guests, and the office network is used for internal management and office.

The design goal of the hotel's integrated wiring is to build a comprehensive wiring system that meets the intelligent hotel system integration, network integration, and advanced technology standards. The system must meet the following functional requirements:
High network speed: 100 megabit access for ordinary rooms, Gigabit access for advanced business suites, and 100 megabit access for office computers.
Applicability: It can meet the needs of future technological development of communication networks, computer networks and building equipment monitoring networks, and can support data communication, voice communication, multimedia communication and monitoring signal communication.
Flexibility: It can meet the functional requirements of various communication devices in the building, that is, support the establishment of specific communication subnets on different floors; connect different types of devices, such as computers, printers, computer terminals, at any information point of the building. Telephone, fax machine, camera, etc.
Modularity: All the connectors in the cabling system except for the cables fixed in the building are standard building blocks for easy management and use.
Scalability: The structured system after implementation is extensible so that it is easy to install the device when there are more requirements in the future.
Unified management: The cabling system carries all kinds of application systems of the hotel and realizes unified management of the entire network platform.

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