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Brand Promise:  

We benefit people from innovation by fulfilling the brand promise of “sense and simplicity”. This brand promise outlines the commitment of Appleson to provide consumers with solutions that are “designed for you, easy to experience, and innovative”. In combination with his own unique advantages, Aibosen delivers the promise of “sense in the heart”. The first is our insight into people's needs, followed by technology integration and product design capabilities. From the perspective of understanding the needs and aspirations of end users, we always place them at the heart of product innovation. We conduct in-depth research through world-class research institutions and conduct market validation through scientific methods to ensure that our product innovations can truly “design, experience, and innovate for you”.

design concept:  

The design department of Abbott understands that the need to truly meet people's needs and desires must be based on a true understanding. Therefore, we always try to listen to the voice of the target audience as much as possible, such as their choices, values, inspiration, preferences and so on. Based on this understanding, our diverse international design team is able to deliver solutions that truly meet the needs and exceed people's expectations and enhance business value for our customers.

Open innovation:

Based on an open innovation strategy, the company is working closely with academic and industry partners around the world to bring more innovative products to market faster and more efficiently through joint innovation efforts to meet people's needs. .

Our vision:

Iberson. Beyond the FutureTM - "Beyond the Future," Appleson's eyes focused on these four words. Our job is to discover and drive the next leap in technology, education, culture, social responsibility, manufacturing and more, so we can continue to work with customers, partners, consumers and businesses to achieve a wonderful leap. Apexon will advance technology faster, smarter and more economically, while end users will be able to apply technology in ways that have never been more exciting than ever before, making their lives more enjoyable, more colorful and more convenient.

Sales and marketing:

Openness, cooperation and division of labor are the "key words" that permeate the history of the entire industry, and are the values ​​that Absonson respects and abides by. As a result, Ipson hopes to continue to grow and at the same time continue to create extraordinary value for partners including marketing and channel partners. In the market and sales arena, Aibosen supports channel partners to establish core competitiveness by building differentiated products and platforms with obvious advantages to build a broader win-win ecosystem. China is on the rise and is about to become the next innovation center in the world. In the global strategy of Appleson, China is growing in importance. As an independent region for sales and marketing operations, Abbott China will further develop its market in China and work with partners to accelerate technological innovation and innovation in marketing and channels.


Since 1998, we have focused on researching humanitarian programmes to address social and environmental issues that affect socially disadvantaged groups. We work with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), public institutions, and our social professionals who complement our expertise and values ​​to develop new solutions to improve the health and environment of developing countries.

core value:    

Facing the future, paying attention to the results, serving the public, fulfilling the responsibility of the society, forging ahead, and doing things must be open and transparent, mutual trust, fairness and justice, win-win cooperation, honesty and trustworthiness, law-abiding, cultural diversity, harmonious progress

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