“Being good at the heart” is our brand promise. This brand promise outlines the commitment of Appleson to provide consumers with solutions that are “designed for you, easy to experience, and innovative”. Aibosen's commitment to "sense in the heart" is first and foremost our insight into people's needs, followed by technical integration and product design capabilities, quality throughout our products and services - winning your favor at Appleson, The quality and reliability of products and services are paramount. All of our company's employees are committed to providing customers with products and services that meet their every need, because we know that this is the best way to run a business. Every Albertson employee is trained in quality methods and Apache quality principles. Managers and individuals at all levels are committed to designing, manufacturing and improving high quality products and processes, helping us to win the client's and Alberson's partnership preferences. Abbott’s continued investment in technology and employee development drives our reputation as an industry quality leader. Award-winning customer service and innovative products drive the development of Appleson. The top-down quality commitment ensures our future performance. . Each Appleson manufacturing facility has a quality management system consistent with its products. In addition, they each hold an ISO 9001 certificate issued by a third-party authoritative registration authority, as well as other applicable industry quality standards. In addition to meeting these international and industry standards, we also adhere to strict quality and reliability requirements as well as specific customer requirements. Our global quality system is intertwined with our environmental management system. Therefore, we also maintain ISO 14001 certification, and we continue to take action to protect and improve the global environment while creating quality products and services to meet customer expectations.

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