First of all, thank you for choosing Albertsons integrated wiring system products. As the global integrated wiring system supplier, Albertson has made the following commitments to customers in product engineering after-sales service:
1. Provide technical support and training services to customers free of charge.
2. Provide 7×24 hours pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, professional technical engineers to eliminate the worries of users when encountering technical problems or other problems in the process of using the products.
3. When our company receives feedback on user quality problems, the response time is one hour, and we promise to send professional technicians to the site for processing within two hours of the provincial city and within eight hours of the city level, and until the user is satisfied.
4. During the product warranty period (the operating conditions meet the requirements of the product standard or the contract), the repair and replacement shall be carried out, and all spare parts and spare parts shall be provided at any time. The materials, installation and testing costs incurred shall be borne by our company; Only the material price is charged, and the price is not higher than the contract price.
5. Due to problems caused by force majeure, such as fire, explosion, hurricane, flood, earthquake, etc., only the corresponding material price will be charged during the warranty period, and the price is not higher than the contract unit price; In addition, it is also necessary to charge installation, testing and other fees, the price is not higher than the local "weak electricity project budget quota."


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